This is a strange situation. The “too good” guests are coming for four days. I will not name names. They come from far away, take hubby and me out to dinner every night (yes, every night) at expensive restaurants, take our car to be washed and filled when we go out, and keep their guest bed and bathroom impeccably clean. What is a host to do? I am at a loss. I feel guilty. I feel they are doing overly much. Yet they insist! They are gracious and  thoughtful and…hold on…HAPPY to do it! AHHHH!

So. Should I sit back and enjoy the visit and finally get that long overdo manicure, or put my foot down and demand they act like normal guests and put their dirty clothes on the bathroom floor?! This time I shall insist they not pay for every meal as my hand clicks “reserve table” at the local five star!

For those of you wishing you had such guest problems – don’t worry – you will be cursed with the perfect guests soon enough! So where does one draw the line when the Good Guests come?!