An elderly friend told me a sad tale: whenever he visits his grandchildren they don’t interact with him at all. They are much more interested in their gadgets, friends, and phones. I get that. I was that age. I didn’t relate to “old people” very well either, but I had to. My parents made sure. “Come and sit with Grandpa”, “Build this puzzle with Grandmother”, I was told. So I did, and I enjoyed it.

I now remember the stories…and the love. And most importantly, I remember them.

Parents – next time you take your kids to visit the elders of the family or when they come to you, make the effort to ensure the young spend time with the old. It may be difficult, and you will most likely run into resistance, but your children will benefit from it years from now…and the people who have meant so much to us, and helped us build our lives, will appreciate it now. This is one thing that can’t wait for later.There is such a small window that is slowly closing and once closed, is gone.

Happy visiting.