So friends and family are coming for some summer fun time? Here are two simple things (really) to remember when your guests come to visit:
Set up luggage racks. You can find these at kitchen and bath stores. This will make unpacking easier for your guests (and save your poor bedspread from the usually dirty luggage wheels.) You can set them up in the guest closet if space allows, as there are often some things the guest does not want to unpack but still wants to have accessible. They can move them later if they prefer. And if your grandmother can’t lift her suitcase, remember to do it for her!
No time or money to shop? Go find that sturdy something in the garage or basement, paint it, turn it over and there you have it – a neat place for your guest’s luggage to rest.
Coasters: Once that wet ring gets on a dresser, trust me, it will not come off. Put coasters in your guest bedrooms! And don’t just put them in there – put them around! You will be glad you did, and your guest will not be horrified with an irreversible no-no.
Happy visiting! – The Visit Wizard