A terrific hostess who just had friends visit her for the entire week (!) reminded me of something:

You, as the good host, ask your guests if they are hungry and if they could use a snack. They say no. Are they lying? Are they embarrassed to say “yes” because they had just come up for air from their last meal? Do they feel they don’t want to put you out?

Put out anyway! Put out something simple, like a small plate of cheese and crackers, sliced apples, or pretzels. If they dive into it you know you’ve done the right thing. If they aren’t really interested it’s easy to put away for later. Err on the side of not believing.

And remember: whenever friends or family are over and having drinks, snack food is a MUST! Don’t wait. Put it out immediately. You don’t know when that guest might have last eaten and any alcoholic drink can cause problems pretty quickly on an empty stomach. A no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many of us don’t serve . . . until it’s . . . too . . . late . . .

Happy visiting.
Love, Kathy