This question was posted on my FB page and I wanted to share. A lady suggests that when guests are messy, it’s okay, one should just go with the flow, enjoy the visit, and clean later, right?

Wrong! (in my humble opinion…) It is important that your visitors are neat so as not to create havoc and make you (and any other guests) uncomfortable. When they read my book (when it comes out) they will learn that part of respecting your host and honoring their home is to treat it as the host does, or preferably, even better. (I know…what a concept.) Of course you have to do cleaning after they leave, but it is very important that you teach your guests that having their stuff lying about during the visit is not acceptable. 

It is a fascinating subject (from both the psychological view and the practical) and takes up two chapters in the book, so too much to speak to here, but just understand that you don’t have to put up with “whatever”! Of course enjoy the visit, but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable if you weren’t tripping over socks or clearing a place off the cocktail table for your drink? It can be done! It will make the time together more enjoyable for everyone, you will feel your guests care as much about you as about their own comfort, and less stress for you during the visit. Happy hosting! – Kathy