So you’re off to Grandma’s or your cousins or your brothers…doesn’t matter which. When you are around family members and over the age of 18 you will not be treated like an adult, at least by someone. Trust me on this. You could be forty and have two kids, but your older sibling, or parent, or grandparent will remember you…and treat you…as if you were still that brat, or the baby of the family, or the one who flunked out of college.

A friend of mine is a “man of the cloth” (no, not a Ralph Lauren model), and he told me that still – STILL, whenever he goes home for the holidays he gets the “our little boy” treatment by Mom and Dad. He hates it. So just know that you are not the only one.

And worse yet, you can sometimes feel like you are sixteen again around some people. Why? I haven’t a clue, it’s too personal, but here’s what to do when you start to feel like your hair is not right or your nose has always been too big, or no one is paying you the proper attention or respect. Ready? A few simple but strong actions are required: Say something thoughtful in a quiet and meaningful way. Respect others and you will be respected. Act like the adult we know you are, even if you are not being treated as such. They will finally get it.

If you really have nerve and want to blow them away, read a Thanksgiving prayer (no, I am not writing this because the minister may read it.) Email me if you want a copy of the prayer we say tomorrow. Short, sweet, but powerful. And who can be condescending to the person who reads the prayer?

And finally, remember who you arenow and that only you can determine how others treat you. And if you feel yourself starting to get angry or upset because of some hurtful thing that is said, stop, and remember that you control your actions, and also your reactions, to others. Be bigger, and therefore better, than the nasty one… because he is the real turkey (sorry, just had to add that part.)

Love and Happy Thanksgiving.  – Kathy