Here we go again! It’s that time of the year; exciting for most…intimidating for some.
Remember this as you visit and host this season:
There is always that one family member (or friend) who wants to talk about another family member or friend, present or not. Just remember that whatever you discuss will, without a doubt, get back to the person you are talking about.
Michael will ask you if you agree that Sarah’s new cosmetic enhancement just makes her look, well, strange. Whether you agree or not is no matter. You must as diplomatically as possible say nothing of consequence—unless a week or a month from now you want an angry phone call from Sarah. These things do have a way of making their way back around.
So when the chatter starts, resist. Excuse yourself and take the dog, or a small child, for a walk. Once the excitement has settled and you are back home you will be happy you did not engage in idle gossip. I know…it’s hard not to chuckle at one thing or another, or give that well placed stab where it may indeed be justifiably needed, but do refrain. You will feel better about yourself and you will not have contributed to one more negative energy string around the planet. And besides, one never knows who may be listening…
BTW, some of you etiquette savvy (or not so much) cool people have asked if they could buy my book to give as a gift this holiday season and alas, it is not out yet (don’t blame me, I’m just the author.) But it will be soon – just in time for summer travel season….thank goodness.
Happy Holidays
The Visit Wizard