Whenever people arrive at your home there can be a brief moment of tension, either for you or for them. That moment can seem like an eternity with people you don’t know very well, like a new family member you are meeting for the first time, or one who has been estranged. It’s natural, and as host it’s your job to alleviate it. 

How you make your guest feel at that first instance sets the stage for the visit. If they don’t feel welcome and wanted they will be uncomfortable the entire time.

Be interested in your guests. Ask them about themselves and get to know them or catch up. It is not all about you! Good hosting is a two-way street. For everyone to have the best possible time there must be good vibes right from the start. 

You can assure that by going out of your way to be as warm and welcoming as possible and then taking an interest in all your guests, not just the ones who are the most out-going, or who you know the best. A great host is all about being all inclusive.  

Happy visiting!