Dear Friends,
The drama continues, but what’s not to love when talking about giving birth to a new book? Let’s talk book covers (yes, Mom and Dad are here visiting for 10 (TEN!) days, but more on that later.)

The first book cover done by Running Press (my publisher) was elegant. All cloth, debossed, beautiful artist rendered illustration, light pink with large cabbage roses softly in the background. One could give it to QE2 of England with no apologies. (Note to self: send Her Majesty a copy).

But then big mouth (you-know-who) says, “RP – it is gorgeous but doesn’t it look a bit too feminine?
I want guys to be able to buy this book and read it unashamedly on the airplane!” So RP must have passed it around the room a few times because they agreed – and wow, what a change!

This styling, although magenta, is more gender-friendly (my words, not theirs) and much – how should we put it – louder! My agent said you will be able to see it across the room in a crowded book store. That is for sure! They also did another cover in turquoise. You can see that if you go to my Facebook page and scroll down. The turquoise is more subdued.

So why all the fuss? First, as many authors and potential authors know, publishers don’t usually give first timers any input on their covers. What do we know? We only wrote the thing. I get that, actually. I am assuming (okay, hoping) that they know way more about marketing than I do. If not, then we’re both in trouble. But I have a great relationship with my editor and I think he likes me. I have been kind, easy to get along with, and down right amusing at times. Or maybe he’s just nice and wants a nervous first time author to be happy. I will never know but it has been an interesting

For those of you who are self-publishing take note: the selection of a cover is really important. Pay to get it designed right. I have had the privilege of watching this process with a first-class publishing house and it has not been easy. It is a very difficult choice. I am very glad I am not making the final selection. Although I do like this magenta…I think…

Kathy Bertone