I’m Kathy Bertone and I write, I appear on television and radio on occasion, and I write.  And this About page is the hardest thing to write because it forces me to name who I am. Who can do that?! I envy people who say, “I am: (insert who I am/what I do here)”.

Okay, here is the easy answer: “I’m a published author”, but I’m so much more than that, as we all are. I’m on a mission to do worthwhile things; to help others; and to make the world a little bit better; to let women know that age doesn’t matter that manners still do and that we are awesome at any age! Whew. Out of breath on that one.

I am the Visit Wizard, a relationship builder and a human being who, just like you, is trying to make a small bit of a difference on a huge planet.  I do that through my writing and through the media.

I am a daughter, a wife, a friend, a person who cries at a sad sight or a sad song, or a beautiful sight and a happy song. I am angry at the world, I am in love with the world. I struggle with the fear of not being successful and I struggle with the fear of being successful. I write to help myself and to help others.

“Why did you write the book?”, I have been asked. I wrote the book so we all can have better relationships with the people we care about the most, and who we need the most: our family and friends.

I wrote the book because I believe social guideposts are still important, and how we treat others translates to how we treat strangers and how we treat strangers makes the difference between civility and chaos, hate and love, and ultimately war or peace.

Big ideas? Yep. Unrealistic? Maybe. But that’s what I’m About.