Hi everyone. I was asked to choose the best three (just 3?!) qualities of a great guest. Hard for me! So here are three broad categories (easier!):

A great guest:

1. Is respectful of their host’s space, stuff, and boundaries. Here’s what I mean: whenever you are invited into someone’s home you are being invited into their private world. It is not only where they live, but where they have the things they cherish, where they find comfort, and where they keep things that are the most important in life to them.

Therefore it is a place to be respected when we enter that world. What that means in everyday practicality is that a guest should not bring their stuff and casually distribute it (trash the place, okay?) around as they see fit, where they see fit. Respect that they might like to keep their place tidy so stash your stuff in your room if you are there for the weekend.

Don’t disrespect their stuff. Even if you don’t think the new wall color or the cute little toilet paper doily in the bathroom is too swift, don’t point and laugh hysterically. Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Just because your dog is welcome on your furniture at home doesn’t necessarily mean he is welcome on your hosts. Ask first.

2. Communicates with the host IN ADVANCE. Let your host know a few days (or better yet, a few weeks) before the visit if you have any issues of which they should be aware, or if you need any information.

It’s important even if you’ve just been invited to dinner. Let them know if you have a food allergy or are a vegetarian. If you are visiting for the weekend or a holiday, is there some place in particular you would like to go? Ask them if there is some event planned so you know how to pack.

3. Is generous with time and treasure. Finally, make sure you let your host know you appreciate their effort by sending a thank-you note after the visit (the old-fashioned, snail mail kind, please!) If you are visiting for the weekend or longer make sure you take them out to lunch or dinner. If funds are low, no worries, make a meal in, or offer to do something nice for them around the house.

Find more tips and tricks about great hosting and visiting go to my website. Also, always love to hear from you so leave a comment or question. Happy visiting! – Kathy