Now that the elections are over I am gearing up for REAL fun! If you are thrilled with the result or terrified, let’s try to put it aside and get in the holiday spirit! Presidents come and go, but your loved ones are forever… kind of…

Here are some simple tips from an article just out in Denver Life Magazine.

Five Minutes with Kathy Bertone, Hosting Expert

DLM: What are the essential attributes of a great host/hostess?

KB: A great host is welcoming. What a host does at the moment of arrival sets the stage for the entire visit. And no, your Golden Retriever is no substitute while you attend to that last-minute-something. A great host is self-caring. Take an adult “time out” and go for a walk or soak in the tub. Tell the adults where you are going and why, but don’t tell the children; they will only come looking for you! A great host lives in the moment. Does your father want to play cards or the kids a video game? The dishes can wait. Go join the fun!

DLM: How should hosts best prepare for extended family stays?

KB: Consider emailing potential activities to guests before they come so they can pack accordingly. Confirm the exact dates of the visit. You would be surprised how many hosts don’t do this, resulting in a family member who does not leave until well into the New Year!

DLM: Your website has a section about the “Perfect Guest Bedroom.” Could you describe this room for our readers?

KB: First, take a look around the bedroom. Make sure there are basics such as a waste can (with liner), enough hangers, a reading light and a mirror. Some nice extras include a luggage rack, a variety of books and extra blankets. Provide an alarm clock, and if you have a phone in the room, remember to turn off the ringer.

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