126110_OriginalThe Party Season is On! Here are 6 simple reminders to make them great

1. Bring a host(ess) gift. I know I keep saying that. Expense is not the issue, taste is. If you want to know what to take email me and I’ll help you.

2. Don’t be shy. Mingle. Talk to people. You are interesting. Yes, you are! But first start the conversation by asking about the other persons interests or their take on something non-controversial. And no, asking what they think of the new administration or whether guns should be illegal is not a good place to start. 

3. Offer to help your host, but only ask once and do it sincerely. He or she may really need a hand with something and you will be considered a rock star from then on. There is many a time I have forgotten _______, or the roast in the oven was burning at the same time the door bell was ringing and the dog had to go out. You get the picture.

4. Engage everyone. See that guy standing in the corner, not sure what to do? Go talk to him. Bring him into your group. Besides. You never know who may be watching.

5. Know when to leave. Don’t be the last guest standing. And here is an elegant exit if it is a casual, informal party with friends or family: “It was a great party. Thanks so much for having us! Is there anything I can do before I go?” Of course the answer will be “no” but oh, so cool to ask.

6. Follow up. No matter how pleasantly hung-over (or not) you must follow up the next day with an email or thank-you note. Yes, you must. Seriously! It is just not that hard.

Read more about how to be the Life of the Party — in a good way — in an article for MSN.com. Great photos, too.

Happy partying! Please drink water and don’t drink and drive. I want to see you in the New Year.

And please do leave your comments on what you think hosts and guests should/should not do this holiday season. It helps us all have better times.

Love and happy visits, Kathy