Don’t get me wrong writer and reader friends, all good books should be read, e-reader or not, but I am thrilled it seems the “real” book may not be going away any time soon! Sorry, but I just don’t want to curl up in bed at night with a machine! Well, you know what I mean. Always enjoy your comments on the topic. Happy weekend. – Kathy

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A lot of people related to the publishing industry, including this august blogger, have taken it as an article of faith that at some point, the move from paper to electronic reading would hit a tipping point, and then everything would change. According to the Wall Street Journal, a set of recent studies is showing that assumption to be wr..wrrnrg…wrrnngg…not exactly right.

Here are the numbers:

  • A Pew Research Center Survey indicated that only 30% of respondents read even a single e-book in the last year. The percentage of adults that read an e-book rose from 16% to 23%–meaning more than three-quarters did not read an e-book. But 89% reported reading a regular book–including me (though I now prefer e-books).
  • Bowker Market Research said that 16% or Americans have actually purchased an e-book, and 59% say they have no desire to buy one.
  • Although e-book sales rose 34%…

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