Hi guys! I hope everyone is safe and relatively happy this week.

I had a terrible dream this morning. I was walking in several feet of snow around a deep and wide body of water. I think it was a reservoir. It was freezing cold. I was bundled up in a thick down jacket, snow pants (yes, I know) and heavy boots. The sidewalk was higher than the lake and suddenly I slipped and fell in. Down, down I went into the icy water. I knew I was drowning. I actually said, “I’m dying.” I fought to remove my jacket but could not. The water was pulling me forever downward and I resigned myself to death. Obviously, I woke up (!), thankful I was on dry land. Whew. Still gives me chills but a slightly different perspective this morning, you know?

I also said a prayer for anyone who has suffered a terrifying experience. I hope you have not.

Okay, enough! Here’s some fun stuff. If you ever wondered what my book was about, click here. It’s a review by writer and author Phil Jason in a Florida newspaper. I like it! Hope you do, too.

The Visit Wizard Knows What Makes Great Guests and Hosts!

Have a safe, and dry, day!