IMAG0026A friend just told me she is having a family member over for the weekend for the first time and that I would be proud because she put out nice items in the guest bathroom for her guest. Yes!! That makes my hosting heart sing and it also reminded me to post this photo of a basket I did for guests. (Please forgive the fact it is small. I can’t re-size it.)

Here are some things you may want to include in your own large, or small, “welcoming” basket for the bathroom:

cotton balls; pretty wrapped soap; suntan lotion (they may have forgotten theirs); body lotion; bath oil or beads; magnify mirror; scented spray; toothpaste; nail file.

Those are the basics. I love to add a few things I know my friend would like but may not have tried, such as a new anti-wrinkle cream (don’t laugh!); make-up removal clothes; a new perfume; etc.  And please don’t think you have to spend the kid’s school money. Those $1 travel items from the drug store or homemade items are wonderful. It is not the cost, it’s the thought. I went to spend the weekend with a friend a few months ago. They had just recently moved away, and it was so welcoming (and useful!) to find a basket of wonderful things for our use.

Also, have these things under the sink or in the closet: blow dryer; a few cleaning products; paper towels; nail polish remover; and of course, toilet paper. Keep your vanity top free of clutter except for perhaps a standing mirror, tissue box, soap dispenser, and his/her water glasses and toothbrush holder.

In the shower have an assortment of shampoos and conditioners and wrapped soap. Who wants to use the same soap that someone used last time – ugh! (I know, but it’s me here.)

If you are sharing a bathroom with your guests, no worries. Take your towels back with you to your room after showers and set up a place in your bedroom so you can do hair and make-up there, thereby freeing up the bathroom for your guests. Put up hooks in the guest bedroom (in the closet or behind the door) so they can hang their towels or clothes. Use the kind that come off easily, if you’d like.

Setting up the guest bathroom is fun! And if you make sure you have in it those things your guests would need or enjoy, it is going to make your hosting time that much easier…not to mention impressive.

I am going to start making my own soaps at some point and would love to hear from any of you who have tried it.

Enjoy and happy visiting!