My traveling cosmetic case

Shadow Operator has asked if I could recommend a few items that might help when guests come to visit and a displaced family member must travel from bath to bedroom – toiletries in hand. So of course I interrupted my cocktail hour to shoot a few of my home items that might help. Above is a great case which could be used, although this one may be a bit “loud” because of the styling. I love the convenience of closing it up and grabbing that handle, ready for travel anywhere. And when opened it really is spacious. Lipstick, anyone?! I bought it at Ulta  where there are a variety of styles, $30 or less.


Below is large tray which will fit in a small space, but is large enough to hold things needed. I bought this at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Ample room for all your cosmetic and toiletry needs. (Bottle of Chanel not included!) It is on my Samsung dryer because the specific size is important to this lady.


There is a chapter in The Art of the Visit that has tips for entertaining in apartments and condos and I encourage you to look there. The best of times are when we are gathered in any room, large or small, and like these ladies, concerned with not only the comfort of our guests, but also with what helps us be great hosts.

I hoped this helped or at least has given you some ideas! Much joy, and thank you both for being the perfect hosts.