Hi guys! I know summer is almost gone but the fall is coming and you know I like to plan it forward, especially when it comes to visiting. (Remember Uncle Ralph last Christmas? I say no more…) I wrote a chapter that did not make it into the book because of length restraints. I think you are going to like it. It’s 13 pages of good information on sharing bedrooms (or not!) how to divvy up chores, who pays for what, etc. when sharing a vacation home or holiday with those we love most (but who can cause us some anxiety as well) – our family and friends.

I published it on Amazon’s Kindle which was actually pretty cool and fun to do. Check it out here.

Book cover for summer two So get it and let me know what you think.

Here are the topics:

Cohabitation 101: What They Didn’t Teach You in School
• Pay per bedroom
• Events: Pay to Play
• Food Costs
• The Shopping Cart Rule
• Stocking Up
• The Bedroom Dilemma
• Getting Space
• Household Chores & Kitchen Duty
• Meals, In and Out
• Taking Our Pets
Buyer Beware: A Tale of Two Rentals

So go to Kindle now! (It’s also in their lending library to be “borrowed”.)

Love and Happy Visiting!