I know it’s only October but with fall in the air (kind of), I wanted to get a head start on “the Holidays”. Yikes! Another year come and gone — again!

So to get a head start I want to focus on the table – literally ON the table! Most days we run around and are happy to get place mats under the plates and the children using utensils, but other times we want to really feel good and make others feel good, so let’s look at what goes under your beautiful place settings.

I must admit that I have a glass dining room table. It is big and thick and I love it because I can put a few place mats on it for dinner and call it done. That works most times, but not always. Nothing beats the look and feel of a beautiful tablecloth. Not the coffee or tomato stained one, or the one that you are afraid to bring out because it will take you two days to iron, but one that speaks volumes without saying a word.

So I thought I would share a few gems to really set a beautiful holiday (or anytime) table. I absolutely love this one for Thanksgiving this year. All the traditional colors but with a touch of whimsy and style. It is French, imported directly from France, which in itself makes it stand out. I am crazy about the soft orange color for fall. It is what I call “French country” and just takes me to a simple, beautiful place. You know me: it’s all about affordable, easy elegance.

Occitan_9-13 22698

Occitan_9-13 22699

The colors of Christmas include red for many of us. I like this one below because it is a rich red and the wheat detail brings to mind the peace of country living. The company has many different color combinations, but this year I want to set a tranquil kind of mood. Also, the dark color will anchor your table. It really sets the stage for the wonderful food and drink that will be on it.

You can buy these from Occitan Imports the prices are reasonable, and you can get the tablecloths in different sizes. I also will be ordering a few pillows. They have a variety of high-quality, specialty French items. And don’t forget the matching napkins! So cheers, and here’s to setting a unique, beautiful holiday table this year.

Love and happy visiting!


As always, I am never paid to endorse any product. Just enjoy bringing you some unusual delights.