The Art of the Visit in Anthropologie stores!
The Art of the Visit in Anthropologie stores!

There is some nasty weather this year in some parts of the country, so if you are entertaining guests this Thanksgiving expect them to be a bit cranky, or at least somewhat stressed, if their plane was delayed or if the weather was difficult while driving. If you’re like me, you’re traveling today or preparing to fly or drive this week. I’m writing from a hotel room right now.

This is on my Facebook page and is a great tip from the book:

“So glad I found this at Anthropologie. Read the part about bringing snacks when picking someone up from the airport and I thought “Oh yeah, I am always thirsty after getting off a plane.” Today I was prepared with noodle salad, bottled water and cookies when I fetched my brother from the airport. He thanked me for being so thoughtful and I said “Oh no, it’s not me. I read it in a book.”

Very cool. Some other handy tips:

  • Make sure you have your guests itinerary, and not just “we land in the afternoon so we’ll be at your house around 4.” You need more than that. Things like flight numbers, where they change planes, etc. Good visits all have one basic ingredient – guests.
  • Make sure you have their cell phone number and they have yours.
  • Set a place you are going to meet them at the airport and what you will do, or where you will be, if their plane is delayed.
  • If they are driving did you email them specific directions? Don’t let them rely on GPS. It has gone wrong more times than you want to know.
  • Have some goodies ready when they walk in the door; snacks, drinks, adult beverages (!)
  • Nothing says you care like setting up their guest room as if they were the most cherished people on earth. See the chapter in the book for how to do this, including having luggage racks out and waiting, a surge protector for their gadgets, and coasters on the bed side tables – yes, really!
  • If you’re the guest keep your host informed of where you are and what’s happening. Remember that they may be just as stressed as you are.

And, like this prepared person above, bring some treats and water with you to the airport. That in itself will set the entire tone for their visit, and you will be a host-star (think rock star in apron.)

Finally, take a deep breath and relax because when you do get there–and you will–the most important part of the trip is spending time with those you love, or want to get to know better, or are meeting for the first time. Next year the nasty travel part of the trip will be forgotten, but how you interact with your friends and family will not, so shake it off, smile, and be thankful you have people with whom to share love and friendship.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!