This is not written by me, but it is an amazing example of someone who, at a young age, understands what life’s journey is truly about. Read this and re-blog if you like. A reminder for all of us, no matter our age.


We look at the man at the grocery store with pity. We look at him as if he’s old and cant do anything. As if he is useless. But our elders are smart and have seen the world like we have not. Elders of this generation have gone thorough WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression and many more things. They have seen the country through times of despair, violence and have grown from it. They are not just old, look into their eyes. Once they were running through a field with their family. They were young, they went though all that you are.

From my volunteering at my local hospital, on the cancer unit, I have seen despair but seen love come from it. One time, a man with Alzheimer’s was sitting in the hall, and I didn’t know why. Most patients were in their rooms…

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