My Life In Paradise... and Beyond

Hi guys! I'm back after a long absence. I'm an author, a media guest, and a lover of life, good food, travel, and of course – the written word! Come with me on a journey of life, here in the US and abroad…


Kathy Bertone


Phone: 703.615.0050

Publicity and interviews

Smith Publicity –  New York, London, Toronto

Corinne Liccketto

856.489.8654., ext. 309

Publisher, “The Art of the Visit”:

Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Kathy, I just caught your site about hosting/guesting this morning. Great work! Also, sometimes it’s good to have one’s intuitive feelings about what does or does not work in a visit verified by an expert (and then there are those things that I could’ve done better–your site is a real help there, too). One thing: both of your two interviews with your friend George Gerstein caused my computer to kick off a “high CPU” warning, and the second would only play until the tape was 1/2 way through, so I missed the second half of it. But I can see that there’s lots more on your site which I will find valuable from time to time. I look forward to following it and reading it at my leisure.

  2. Hi, Kathy! Well, we’re on our third day of Thanksgiving celebration, and your suggestions have all been sterling (it’s Friday the 23rd November). We’ve had a few temperamental family blowups, but we all readjust quickly, so all is well. Two days ago, I got nominated for “The Next Big Thing blog hop,” about one’s newest “work-in-progress” (WIP), and in choosing 5 more people I’d like to nominate and hear comment on what they’re doing now, I thought of you. Naturally, I altered the questions to suit the answers I had available, so I thought maybe you could do the same, if you want to. I realize you aren’t writing fiction (except when for example you refer to what great uncle Ernie said and thought and inconveniently remembered on his latest visit!), but I think for example that you came up with a great title the first time and could do so again (Q#1), that people would be interested in getting the inside scoop in perhaps knowing what the book originated from or what your next book will be about or how directed. And for the odd question about what actors you’d like to see play the roles of your characters, you could free-form it a little bit, imagining a party scene a la Dickens with whatever you will be writing about next (or maybe you could alter the question to one which mentions a particular bad etiquette scene in a movie you like–actors included). Anyway, I don’t know what happens next, except I answered the questions to suit myself this a.m., and would very much like to include you as a member of this first blog award-of-sorts community I will be in. But if you just want to nominate 5 more people and let it pass as inconvenient, I imagine that would be all right too (some people feel that the blog awards are a bit like chain letters, so if you feel that way, don’t feel compelled; I just think it would be interesting). By the by, the woman who nominated me (Emma McCoy) has also nominated Pat Bertram. I would’ve double nominated her (and extended my number of nominees to 6–I’ve always been creative with the rules–), except for the feeling that somebody somewhere might want it more widely spread. So, join in and have fun if you feel like it, or just enjoy what remains of the holiday! Care and fun! Victoria

  3. Hello. I’m enjoyning the book. One reason I purchased it was I was interested in the resources – homemade thank you notes, etc. I can’t seem to locate that part of the website. If you could let me know I would really appreciate it!
    Thank you.
    Susan Slaughter

    1. Susan,
      This was just brought to my attention and I am sorry. We recently revamped the site and I’m sure that’s the problem. I will look into it right away. Glad you are enjoying the book.
      All the best,
      Kathy Bertone

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